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    8 of the world's leading ICT standards bodies, 1 global forum, almost 200 companies from all industrial sectors
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Cross Sector Standards

oneM2M's architecture and standards for M2M communications are designed to be applied in many different industries, and take account of input and requirements from any sector

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  • 芒果官网

    Groundbreaking M2M security means oneM2M standards are ready for use in eHealth and Telemedicine deployments
  • Industrial Automation

    A scalable archtitecture and a focus on interoperability allows oneM2M to be deployed where industrial-grade solutions are called for
  • Home Automation

    oneM2M's architecture can integrate current and future home and building control technology, federating the range of different protocols in use

Global partners and members

  • 8 ICT standards bodies
  • 1 global forum
  • 200 members

Eight of the worlds leading regional ICT standards bodies have come together to create oneM2M

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oneM2M's almost 200 members form a broad cross-section of the M2M and the Internet of Things.

oneM2M is open to new members and partners joining and contributing to the work.

Find out more in our membership pages!

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